Third Pillar Pensions: a first step?

The  Bill  amending  the  Social Security Act  to allow  third pillarpensions – making it possible for people  to  voluntarily  take  up  a private  pension  to  top  up  their State pension – was approved by Parliament last month. Under the new law an individual may invest up to a €1,000 in an Individual  Savings  Account  and benefit from interest earned from the investment in interest bearing securities/deposits  without  deduction of […]

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Two private pension schemes announced

Two  private  schemes  were announced yesterday as part of the government’s drive to encourage low and middle-income families to take up third pillar pensions. The  so-called  third  pillar involves making voluntary contributions to private pension fundsthrough which people may opt to top up the State pension. Yesterday’s announcement by Finance Minister Edward Scicluna came in […]

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Thieves targeting electricity cables for the copper

Tens of households have ended up without power over the past few weeks, sparking an intensive police investigation into the theft of live overhead electricity cables. The cables have been cut away and stolen from a number of places in the south, Times of Malta is informed. As reported by Times of Malta, 29th October […]

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