Council Members

  • Adriana Zarb Adami
    Adriana Zarb AdamiCouncillor
  • Angela Tabone
    Angela TaboneCouncillor
  • Anthony Cauchi
    Anthony CauchiPresident
  • Catherine Calleja
    Catherine CallejaCouncillor
  • David Maly of Waly
    David Maly of WalyCouncillor
  • Javier Moreno Gonzalez
    Javier Moreno GonzalezCouncillor
  • Joseph Naudi Montaldo
    Joseph Naudi MontaldoCouncillor
  • Julian Mamo
    Julian MamoVice President
  • Muriel Rutland
    Muriel RutlandCouncillor
  • Paolo Catalfamo
    Paolo CatalfamoCouncillor
  • Sebastian Kittel
    Sebastian KittelCouncillor

Sector Chairpersons

  • Catherine Calleja
    Catherine CallejaHealth Sector Chairperson
  • Cristina Casingena
    Cristina CasingenaLife Sector Chairperson
  • Juan Pablo Siracusa
    Juan Pablo SiracusaMotor Sector Chairperson
  • Keith Mallia Milanes
    Keith Mallia MilanesGeneral Sector Chairperson
  • Vanessa Portelli
    Vanessa PortelliRegulatory Affairs Sector Chairperson