In 2013, MCCAA implemented a set of minimum standards for motor vehicle damage repairers (body shops).  Certified repairers are audited by MCCAA inspectors on a regular basis.  These minimum standards were introduced under the requirements as defined under MSA1400:2013.

Gone are the days when vehicles were functionally, structurally and mechanically similar.  High strength materials, used to improve safety in design, are now commonplace.  Hi-tech equipment such as ADAS, RADAR and LiDAR require specialist repair and calibration.  The transition to battery electric and hybrid power trains has seen the introduction of new repair methodologies.  Advanced training and proven experience are now a necessity.  Care should be taken when selecting a repairer to ensure their competences meet the particular needs of your vehicle as well as your own expectation.

A list of repairers with general competences defined by MCCAA can be found here

Should you be in any doubt where to take your vehicle for appropriate repair please contact your insurer for further assistance.