Cyber insurance discussed with DG Connect

On 11 January, Insurance Europe met the cybersecurity and digital privacy policy unit of the European Commission’s DG Connect to discuss cyber insurance generally and insurers’ access to cyber-incident data in particular.

The Commission agreed with Insurance Europe’s view on the role insurance in increasing society’s cyber resilience and sympathised with the call for access to data on cyber incidents. The EC suggested that more could be done at national level in this respect and encouraged Insurance Europe’s national associations to engage with national authorities so that this issue reaches European policymakers.

The EC said that two of the workstreams for the next Commission are likely to be (i) promoting cyber incident-related data-sharing and (ii) streamlining the many different pieces of legislation that require businesses to report cyber incidents.

At the request of Insurance Europe, DG Connect committed to involving the insurance industry in its work streams on cyber security as much as possible. Most notably, the EC asked that Insurance Europe’s certification experts support the EC on the EU Cyber security Certification Framework for ICT products, services and processes, which is part of the EU Cyber security Act that is due to be adopted by the European Parliament and Council next month.


PUBLISHED 14/01/19