Sharing the road… means what? – Adrian Galea

July 30, 2019

Insurers blame lack of random breath tests, police misinformation

The discussion about the use of alternative means of transport is revving up as more people begin to realise that the price we are paying for our current choice of vehicles is not just in terms of time lost when stuck in traffic but, even more seriously, through the negative impact on our health. It also impacts the environment  due to the ever-increasing number of cars on our roads.

Therefore, what should be done about the new, usually battery-powered, vehicles (such as motorised foot scooters) that are increasingly being used as alternative means of transportation?

I was particularly surprised, even taken aback, by the negative reactions of the callers that rang in on a recent radio talk show I participated in as a guest.

There is clearly a great deal of frustration vented by motorists at the behaviour of users of these two-wheeled devices, whether motorised or not.


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As reported on the Times of Malta on Tuesday, July 30,2019.