The Quality Vehicle Repair scheme is a voluntary scheme open to all MCCAA certified repairers. In order to join QVR, a repairer must apply and make an appointment with a QVR Network Manager and a CESVIMAP Inspector. During the appointment the CESVIMAP inspector will look at various factors of each repairer, including:

  • Experience of staff
  • Qualifications and skills of staff
  • Tools and equipment
  • Facilities available
  • Customer service
  • Work flow management.

After the inspection, each repairer will be given a full report on where they stand within the QVR classification. A QVR Network Manager will be assigned to them (funded by MIRE) to assist in development, training and guidance for repairers, helping them reach higher standards, efficiency and profitability. Put very simply automotive technology has evolved at great speed in the past few years. Many local garages are highly capable of repairing the latest models, but their training, and that of local surveyors/vehicle assessors and insurers, may need updating.


CESVIMAP is an international Centre for Experimentation and Road Safety, focusing its research on the up-to-date methodology of repair of vehicle accident damage. The data obtained from this research is made available through training activities, publications and multimedia content.

The scope of CESVIMAP’s action covers the study of passenger cars, industrial and agricultural vehicles and motorcycles. The Centre’s activities are targeted to personnel from repair shops, insurance companies, vehicle manufacturers, appraisers, students of vocational training programs and universities.

With research centers in Spain, France, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina and China, CESVIMAP brings with it a wealth of knowledge to the local vehicle repair industry through assessment, certification, training and development. CESVIMAP tackles the Automotive Repair Industry as a whole by providing consultancy to automotive manufacturers, dealerships, repairers, surveyors/vehicle assessors and insurance companies.


What is MIRE ?

Four members of the Malta Insurance Association have come together to form the Malta Insurers Repair Efficiency project (MIRE).

The project’s aim is to work closely with Insurers, Repairers, Surveyors/Vehicle assessors and Suppliers to elevate the standards and efficiency of vehicle repairs in Malta, bringing all stakeholders together into a sustainable Vehicle Body Repair Industry partnership.

MIRE consists of the below top four insurance companies, and is set to attract more insurers as the network grows and brings true value to the local insurance industry: