Accidents Abroad

All Motor Insurers are required to identify and appoint a Nominated Representative (also known as Nominated Correspondent) in each other Member State of the European Economic Area (EEA). This enables you to make a claim in your own country of domicile should you have been involved in an accident whilst travelling in another country of the EEA.

The representative of the foreign insurer is required to hold the necessary authority to handle and settle claims after having collated all the relevant information about the accident and negotiated an equitable settlement.

In cases where liability is not contested and the compensation claimed has been quantified, the Nominated Representative is required to make a reasoned offer for compensation by not later than three months from the date when the claimant submits a compensation claim.

In cases where liability is declined, the Nominated Representative is required to provide a reasoned justification for such declinature within the same timeframe.

Information Centres

You may identify the name of a nominated representative by making an enquiry with the Information Centre by telephone +356 25608136 / 2560814, facsimile +356 25608167 or email

The Information Centre will be able to inform you about the insurance status of a foreign vehicle and the insurer’s representative in Malta.

Accidents in Malta

 If the foreign registered vehicle involved in an accident is insured, and the insurer has a nominated correspondent in Malta, the said correspondent will deal with the claim.