1. How is the MIB funded?
Membership of the MIB is compulsory at law for motor insurers which are licensed to transact motor insurance business in Malta. The MIB is funded by the said motor insurers.


2. What is being done to stop uninsured drivers?
The ultimate cost of uninsured vehicles is borne by innocent policyholders, through increase in their insurance premiums. It is expected that Government will relieve this increased cost by enacting legislation to curb the use of uninsured vehicles.


3. Is a vehicle owner or passengers travelling in an uninsured vehicle allowed to claim?
A vehicle owner or passengers travelling in an uninsured vehicle, who were aware at the time of the accident that the vehicle was not covered, cannot claim compensation.


4. What is the position of a comprehensive insurance policyholder whose vehicle is damaged by an uninsured motorist?
Comprehensive insurance policyholders whose vehicle is damaged by an uninsured motorist may claim directly with their insurer. The comprehensive insurer will then seek to recover those damages from the insurer concerned or the MIB, which would then proceed for recovery against the uninsured motorist.


5. What is the position of a victim who suffers damage where the vehicle which causes the accident has been stolen or is driven without the authority of its owner?
The victim’s remedies are unaffected and he may claim against the insurer concerned or MIB in the same manner as any other victim. The only exception that is made arises where the victim was a passenger in the uninsured vehicle and was aware or should have been aware that the vehicle was uninsured.


6. Are there any special rules regarding no claims discount?
A policyholder becomes entitled to no claims discount if there are no claims on his policy. A third party claim will affect such entitlement. However, this is a matter which is regulated between policyholders and their insurers, and for which there are no MIB rules.