In the event of an accident which is covered by a Motor Insurance Pool policy, you are required to notify us of it as soon as possible. You may do so by either calling at our offices together with the driver involved or by completing and submitting the claim form available in the Downloads section.


Documents Required

Together with the completed claim form, we would also require the following documents in order to process your claim:

1. A copy of your identity card;
2. A copy of the driver’s driving licence;
3. A copy of the vehicle registration document (log book);
4. A completed front to rear form OR police / local warden’s report as applicable to the accident in question.


4.1 Front to Rear Collisions

In case of front to rear collisions, you are required to complete the front to rear form together with the other party involved in the accident, and submit the form to our offices.


4.2 Collisions other than Front to Rear

In the case of collisions other than front to rear, you are required not to move the vehicles and to call the local wardens’ central office on 21320202. A local warden will attend the scene of the accident in order to draw up a report and a sketch, take photographs and obtain statements from the drivers involved and from any witnesses. The local warden’s report is subsequently communicated to our offices.


4.2.2 Accidents resulting in injuries or fatalities

If the accidents result in injuries or fatalities, or damage is occasioned to Government vehicles or property, the Police will attend the scene of the accident in order to draw up a report.


The absence of a local warden’s or police report will lead to difficulties in processing your claim.