How do I obtain information about motor accidents in Malta?

Persons involved in traffic accidents may have difficulty in obtaining basic information about the circumstances of the accident or the insurance status of the vehicles concerned.

If you have suffered loss or injury following a motor accident in Malta and wish to pursue a claim, you may need this information together with details about the identity of the owner or the driver of the vehicle.

  • If the accident was reported to a Warden Official under the eTars(3) arrangements, then you may obtain a copy of the eTars report at a fee from the insurer covering the accident, or from the Insurance Association Malta.  You should not attempt to obtain this information unless you suffered loss in that accident and have reasonable cause to obtain it.   By clicking here you can obtain a form that will enable you to request a copy of the Warden’s Report of the traffic accident.   Complete it with the required information and return it, together with payment to the address shown on the form.
  • If the accident was reported to the Police, then you may need to apply for a copy of the Police Traffic Accident Report from the Police Station of the locality of the accident.
  • You may already have this information, if the drivers involved in the accident have agreed on the circumstance of the accident by signing and exchanging the Front-to-Rear Motor Accident Statement.

If you want to know additional details about the insurance policies of the persons involved, then you may wish to send an email to the Malta Information Centre at info, including the accident date, and the registration number of the vehicles involved.

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(3) eTars stands for Electronic Traffic Accident Report Services that are provided by Local Warden Services in respect of most traffic accidents.