First QVR signs go up

Choosing the right repairer for your car

Four major motor insurers have started to encourage claimants to make use of repairers that have been certified under the QVR (Quality Vehicle Repairs) scheme launched during 2016.   Atlas, Elmo, GasanMamo and Mapfre Middlesea have joined forces to promote safer and more efficient repairs of motor vehicles that have been damaged in accidents.  “Our objective is that cars are repaired safely and efficiently, by repairers who are knowledgeable and well equipped for the task,” said QVR scheme project manager Ian Clutton.  He explained that modern cars in particular required up-to-date repair methods in order not to compromise safety features such as electronic sensors and special materials used.    “Even minor repairs to a bumper, if not done in the proper manner can compromise the vehicle’s  safety,” added Mr. Clutton.

Claims staff at the four insurers have been specially trained to identify the degree of damage incurred by the car and to help claimants select the right repairer.  “Repairers have been classified according to the types of repairs they can handle and the services they can offer to customers, so making the right choice has been greatly simplified,” explained Mr Clutton.  Choosing the right repairer does not only affect the car’s safety but also how long it takes to be repaired. “QVR repairers are expected to be knowledgeable about the repair method recommended by the manufacturer so that repairs can be carried out at the shortest possible time and without causing further damage to the vehicle,” said Mr Clutton.   Having the right tools and equipment, and full training as to how these are to be utilised is also very important to reduce repair times.

Certified repairers are able to display the QVR sign in their workshop and have committed to annual inspections which are carried out by international experts in the field of motor vehicle repairs.  “The cost of a car is probably the second largest expense incurred by most people, it is undoubtedly in their interest to ensure that they protect its re-sale value by making sure it is professionally repaired,” concluded Mr. Clutton.

For more information about the QVR scheme and a list of certified repairers, interested parties can visit the website