Trust your insurer or intermediary to guide you in choosing the right repairer.

The repairer must have the correct level of knowledge, skills, tools and equipment to handle the particular damage sustained by your vehicle. This way repairs will be carried out correctly, efficiently, in line with the manufacturers’ recommended repair method.

If a vehicle has not been repaired in the correct manner, its safety features may be compromised and its resale value might be negatively affected.

QVR repairers have been inspected and certified by professional international motor accident repair specialists CESVIMAP that are specialists in motor accident repairs.

How does a repairer become QVR certified?

A repairer must first have been certified by the Standards and Metrology Institute of the MCCAA (Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority). To become QVR certified the repairer goes through a detailed and rigorous inspection process carried out by professional international motor accident repair specialists CESVIMAP. This inspection establishes the level of knowledge, skill available and whether the required tools and equipment are in place. The repairer is then given a classification and a list of recommendations of how to improve their operation. QVR certified repairers will be re-inspected annually.

What do the classifications given by QVR mean?

There are two types of classifications, the first one is an icon indicating the repair services offered by the repairer and the second a star rating.

The icons denote the type and level of damage a repairer is able to handle. Structural damage to the vehicle would require specialised equipment that enables the repair to re-align the vehicle’s structural panels.

The star rating refers to the level of services that a repairer can offer and not the quality of repairs. The maximum rating is 3 stars for panel beating and 3 stars for spray painting. The maximum star rating for a repairer that offers both services is therefore 6 stars.

What should I look for when choosing a repairer?

Not all QVR certified repairers have the same level of certification, some can offer a full range of repair services, others may not. The icons and the star grading are there to help you choose the correct repairer for the type of damage your car has sustained. You also need to consider the issue of convenience. You want to be sure that the repairer can get the job done well and on time, so that you have to spend less time without your car. Other important factors to consider are whether the repair complies with health and safety requirements to reduce the risk of your car incurring further loss and whether the repairer meets environmental requirements. Your insurer or intermediary can help you make this choice.


How can the safety of my car be compromised by an incorrect repair process?

We can give two very specific examples. Many modern vehicles have electronic sensors in various sections that trigger safety features like airbags and seatbelts. Even minor repairs too, for instance, a bumper, if not carried out by someone who is qualified, can cause such sensors to fail. Another example relates to the type of metal used in areas of the vehicle. In many cars, High Strength Steel is used to protect the passengers of a car from a strong impact. Incorrect repairs may cause these metals to lose their properties and therefore render them ineffective.

What happens if I am not satisfied with the quality of the repairs?

All QVR certified repairers offer a workmanship guarantee, therefore they will be responsible for any repairs that are not up to standard. Your insurer would be able to assist you in this eventuality to ensure that any problems are successfully resolved.

Where can I get more information about QVR from?

You can either send us a message here, otherwise you can call on 21232640.

Who are the insurers supporting the QVR project?


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The QVR brand is run by the MIRE (Motor Insurers Repair Efficiency) Group and can be contacted via or call on (+356) 21232640