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The Malta Green Card Bureau was established in 1984, and is made up of all insurers that transact motor insurance in Malta. Membership of the Bureau is compulsory for these insurers. The Malta Green Card Bureau forms an integral part of the International Green Card System, comprising 44 countries inclusive of the 28 European Union countries as well as Norway, Iceland and Switzerland, and including some countries bordering the Mediterranean. The national bureaux in these countries operate in a spirit of mutual assistance and cooperation.

The main objective of the Green Card system is the protection of third party victims of road traffic accidents, sustaining physical injuries and/or property damage, caused by visiting motorists in their country. The Malta Green Card Bureau has two main functions:

It is responsible for the handling and settlement of claims arising from motor accidents caused by visiting motorists in Malta, providing the required compensation; It guarantees Green Cards issued by its member insurers whenever Maltese motorists are involved in motor accidents abroad.

A Green Card is a document which confirms that a visiting motorist satisfies the minimum compulsory third party insurance cover required by the country being visited. The Green Card document need not be issued when visiting the 28 European Union Countries as well as Norway, Iceland and Switzerland. You should enquire with your insurer or insurance agent if you wish to obtain a Green Card.