The Malta Insurance Association is in the process of moving offices and as a result, our service may suffer from temporary disruptions and/or delays.

Whilst we will endeavour to keep these disruptions to a minimum, our offices will be unattended during such time and we shall be as a result, working from remote locations.

Since we may be unable to attend to your calls until such time systems are restored, it would be appreciated if you would address your queries in writing via email to clearly indicating the name in whose attention the message is intended for.

Otherwise, if you already know our mobile numbers and / or our email addresses, please do not hesitate to resort to them. We will do our best to address them as soon as practically possible.

We apologise for any inconvenience this might cause, and thank you for your cooperation.


The Malta Insurance Association (MIA) is a non profit-making organisation that represents the views and common interests of all insurance companies in Malta, both indigenous ...

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The Malta Green Card Bureau was established in 1984, and is made up of all insurers that transact motor insurance in Malta.   Membership of the ...

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Protection and Compensation Fund   The Protection and Compensation Fund (PCF) was previously known as the Security Fund. This was originally established in 1986. One of its functions includes ...

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The Motor Insurance Pool was established in 1980. It was a compulsory coinsurance Pool for the provision of Third Party Liability cover to selected classes ...

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Our Mission is to promote a healthy environment for the development of the insurance industry in Malta. By representing the common interests of insurers that operate in Malta and Gozo, we are able to promote, defend and illustrate their views to Governmental and other bodies that have an insurance involvement. By focusing on the usefulness of insurance as a means for mitigating losses in daily life, we join together the interests of insurers with those of customers.

We believe that a healthy market is sustained by professionalism and excellence. Towards this end, we encourage the exchange of information and fair practice, undertake studies at the request of insurers, and in general advance the views of our members in public media debate. We consider fairness, transparency and knowledge as vital guiding principles to our mission. The Malta Insurance Association, therefore, also looks into allegations of incorrect practices and develop overall solutions to common problems.. Finally, our mission also involves full participation in the activities of the Malta Green Card Bureau, the Motor Insurers’ Bureau and the Motor Insurance Pool. The Malta Insurance Association seeks to accomplish its mission by generating a consistent structure for progress within the commercial activities of its members and beyond.


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