New rules for drink-drivers

December 02, 2019


New EU rules, which were rubber-stamped just recently, will require that convicted drink-drivers would have to fit a breathalyser device in their cars if they take to the road again.

This is just one of many other vehicle safety standards which the EU intends to implement over the next few years in its quest to lower the fatalities on the European network as a result of drink driving.

Those who have been found to be driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol would be required to fit a device and blow into it before starting the engine. The device will only allow the engine to start up if the alcohol limit has not been exceeded.

This new legislation is expected to be implemented as from 2022 for all new vehicle models and from 2024 for cars with existing designs.

The Malta Insurance Association (MIA) welcomes this news as an innovative measure that makes the best use of......


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As reported on the Sunday Times of Malta on 1 December 2019 by Adrian Galea, Director General, Malta Insurance Association.