Opinion: How to have safer roads – Adrian Galea

February 21, 2022

A road-safety authority could identify shortcomings on our roads and take remedial action. Picture shows the scene of Wednesday’s incident which left a motorcycle rider dead. Photo: Jonathan Borg


The Times of Malta editorial of February 9 was an eye-opener for all those who have road safety at heart. The Malta Insurance Association (MIA) has for long contributed to the debate on this issue, proposing ideas and making suggestions while also, directly or indirectly, funding some initiatives.

This subject deserves a lot more attention than it attracts. Sadly, recent experience has shown that words and gestures matter more than real action.

Regardless of our preferred mode of transport, all road users should take responsibility for upholding road safety, as we share the same road network.Justified criticism has been growing about how this network is being extended at the expense of the little countryside left and about the inconveniences caused by road closures. The fact is, however, that until road users adopt....

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As reported on the Times of Malta on Friday February 17, 2022| Adrian Galea