Relaxing traffic contravention enforcement sends out the wrong message, insurers tell government

March 22, 2017

Malta Insurance Association comes out against government decision

The Malta Insurance Association has come out strongly against the government’s decision to relax the imposition of fines for some traffic offences.

“We need to be careful not to send a message that such irresponsible actions are actually condoned or, worse still, pardoned,” Adrian Galea is director general of the Malta Insurance Association says in an opinion piece on Times of Malta.

He said the association had many times expressed its concern about the (poor) level of enforcement of traffic offences, many of which cause road accidents.

“Proper enforcement is aided if the law is clear, thus the creation of such uncertain situations such as the ‘relaxation’ will only complicate matters. Motorists are already all too familiar and aware of the frequent obstructions to the traffic flow......