Vehicle Damage Assessor (VDA)

The Vehicle Damage Assessor stands in a position of high responsibility, representing his principals to policyholders, third parties and the repair industry. Accepting the role involves accepting the duties and restrictions inherent in it.

A Code of Conduct for Vehicle Damage Assessors is in place for the purpose of providing an unambiguous statement of the ethical standards of behaviour expected from a person occupied in the undertaking of insurance motor surveyor by insurers and their agents who instruct or employ them. Also for the support and protection of honest and diligent insurance motor surveyors who aspire to standards. The code of conduct consists of both guidelines and rules of conduct reflecting the key position held by insurance motor surveyors and that their behaviour reflects on the insurance industry they represent.

Should you wish to download the latest ‘Vehicle Damage Assessors’ register please click HERE


Types of survey, assessment and inspection carried out by the registered Vehicle Damage Assessors

  1. Routine Vehicle Damage Assessments
  2. Routine itemised repair costs
  3. Complicated Vehicle Damage Assessments
  4. Complicated itemised repair costs
  5. Temporary repair details (if un-roadworthy)
  6. Post Repair Inspections
  7. Methods and fair repair times
  8. Insurance Write-Off Inspections
  9. Total Loss Assessment – Anti Fraud and Theft Register Assessment
  10. Vehicle valuations
  11. Court Appointments


Vehicle Damage Estimators (VDE)

Also included in the register are individuals meeting the professional standards and requirements of a vehicle damage estimator.  The vehicle damage estimator is employed by an accident repair centre to conduct and prepare an accurate estimate of the replacement parts, paint materials and labour time required.  Estimates are then presented to the relevant insurer for review and further assessment by a registered vehicle damage assessor.  The role of the vehicle damage estimator provides continuity and efficiency throughout the key-to-key process ensuring a customer vehicle is repaired and returned promptly.


Please contact Insurance Association Malta via our contact page and or office telephone for more information and to be connected to a VDA Assessor on the islands.