Allow random breathalyser tests, 'sceptical' insurers say

January 03, 2019

Roads ‘need a strong deterrent in the form of police presence’

The Malta Insurance Association wants legislation tweaked to empower the policing authorities to carry out random breathalyser tests, regularly and frequently. Photo: Malta Police

“Sceptical” about the low number of motorists caught drink-driving during the festive period, insurers want the law changed so that breathalyser tests can be done at random.

Only three people were caught driving while under the influence of alcohol on New Year’s Eve and none on Christmas Eve, according to the police.

Malta Insurance Association director-general Adrian Galea, who has for years advocated the use of breathalysers to curb drink-driving, welcomed the decision to subject motorists to tests on both nights but pointed out that insurers were “rather sceptical that such a low number of people were tested and found to be over the limit”.

“With nearly 1,000 cars having been stopped over both days and just three found to be over the limit, this works out at 0.3 per cent, which is way below the European average,” he remarked, adding he honestly hoped this was a direct result of the initiatives taken to combat drink-driving.

Mr Galea noted that this year’s numbers were below those for the same two days a year earlier, when 1,832 vehicles had been checked and 11 drivers were found to be over the drinking limit.

He pointed out that alcohol limits had been lowered in 2017, which meant more drivers would have been ....


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