Insurers, a judge and a minister call for random breathalyser tests to curb drink driving

As things stand police can only administer a test if they have a reasonable suspicion that a driver is over the legal alcohol limit

The police should be able to administer random breathalyser tests to drivers, without the need for there to be a reasonable suspicion that a driver is over the limit, the Malta Insurance Association said on Friday.

Enforcement officers should be empowered through a change in legislation in order to clamp down on drunk driving, the association has proposed.

MIA president Catherine Calleja, addressing a conference on drunk driving organised by the association, pointed to the fact that road fatalities in Malta were 5% higher than the EU average with drunk driving remaining the highest cause of road deaths.

“We want to see the empowerment of the police force to test for drink and drugs at random……Click here  to read the full article.


As reported on the Malta Today on the 12 April 2019, by David Hudson.

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