Judge laments lack of breathalyser tests taken compared to total traffic accidents

Madam Justice Consuelo Scerri Herrera lamented on Friday on how few breathalyser tests are taken in comparison with the amount of accidents that happen on Malta’s roads.

Speaking at a conference on drink driving organised by the Malta Insurance Association, Scerri Herrera noted that there were a total of 3,742 accidents in 2018, 18 of which were fatal and 1,345 of which resulted in injuries, but in comparison there were only 165 breathalyser tests administered throughout the same year, 106 of which turned out to be positive.  In 2017, there were 155 tests conducted, 109 of which were positive, while the there were 241 tests conducted in 2016, 188 of which were positive.

She noted that police officers could only administer a breathalyser test if they have “reasonable suspicion” of the driver being under the influence, but lamented as well that officers require more training so to establish what constitutes this reasonable suspicion.  She said that the amount of accidents taking place on Malta’s roads should warrant more breathalyser tests being taken.

Scerri Herrera lamented that traffic incidents are on the increase and that it was not the case that the police does not take action against offenders.  However, there are…

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As reported on The Malta Independent on Friday 12th April by Mr Albert Galea.

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