Maltese road indiscipline is growing and causing more deaths

August 24, 2017

Impatience and indiscipline on Malta’s roads is leading to more deaths: ‘People need to start listening,’ experts plead

......Adrian Galea – president of the Malta Insurance Association and member of the Malta Road Safety Council – argued that whilst, on average, Maltese drivers are good drivers, yet behaviour on the road could be erratic, or inconsistent at best.

Galea draws comparison between student drivers, and licensed drivers: “We do know what is required to drive well. However, the sad reality is that we couldn’t be bothered. Some may attribute this to a ‘Mediterranean culture’, in that given the chance, ‘I’ll break the law’.”

According to Galea, Nordic countries are the example to follow, where discipline “reigns supreme”.

“Discipline is good for the roads, because you don’t have to guess whether the other driver is going to obey a stop sign or a red light or going to give way at a roundabout; whether one is going to overtake even if road markings prohibit it,” Galea added.

The second-guessing is rendering Malta’s driving patterns, and traffic in general, chaotic simply because .....READ MORE


As reported on the Malta Today by Ms Miriam Dalli, 24 August 2017

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