Reactions to warning tickets

March 22, 2017

The Malta Insurance Association was very surprised to learn about the government’s decision to relax the enforcement of six traffic contraventions, particularly as the association was not consulted prior to the introduction of the measures.

Three of the six instances which, according to Lesa will now only attract a warning ticket for first-time offenders, are considered offences in the eyes of the law, and the second schedule of the relevant legislation, that is the Traffic Regulation Ordinance (Cap 65), quotes the fine that should apply: illegal parking – €23.29, noisy silencers – €69.88 and licence not affixed to windscreen – €23.29.

It stands to reason, therefore, that if according to the law, they are considered offences, then they should be met with the appropriate sanction.

The measure as announced may lead to an inconsistency in the manner the law is applied. Since it seems that the warning system will be................


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Mr Adrian Galea, Director General of The Malta Insurance Association, The Times of Malta, Wednesday 22, March 2017.