Safely behind the wheel

January 23, 2019


Some may argue that the few people caught driving under the influence of alcohol during the festive season proved the success of awareness campaigns and more enforcement. Others would disagree and insist that, on the contrary, not enough is being done to ensure that whoever takes the wheel does so safely.

Calls for random and more frequent breathalyser tests are becoming louder. This would not only increase the possibility of netting irresponsible drivers but also serve as a preventive measure, especially over the weekends and on certain occasions when the consumption of alcohol is likely to increase.

Insurers are not at all happy with how drink driving is being tackled. Malta Insurance Association director general Adrian Galea went on record saying members were “rather sceptical that such a low number of people were tested and found to be over the limit”.


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As reported on the Times of Malta editorial, Tuesday, January 22, 2019