Tribunal slams transport authority over ‘substandard’ post-VRT checks on cars

April 24, 2015

Transport Malta has been slammed for making “substandard” random checks on cars that have passed the VRT.

“If Transport Malta expects a certain level of seriousness in the way VRT tests are conducted, it cannot then conduct post-VRT checks in such a substandard way that does not match the standards imposed on the operators,” the Administrative Review Tribunal said.

The tribunal was hearing an appeal over a decision taken by Transport Malta (TM) to penalise a VRT garage after a vehicle it had passed was found to have deficiencies that should have failed it. The tribunal revoked the penalty.

In a random post-VRT inspection, two TM inspectors found a number of faults that should have failed it.

As reported on Times of Malta , November 24, 2014, 07:54 by Matthew Xuereb