Young entrepreneurs offer first portable breathalyser device

April 08, 2019


Battery-powered keychain that is activated with a quick puff

As many still struggle to figure out the implications of new drink-driving laws, a group of enterprising business students may have hit upon a solution to put a definite end to that eternal question: have I had too much to drink?

The students, who are taking part in the annual JAYE Malta Company programme under the name Exhale, have come up with a battery-powered breathalyser in the form of an easily-portable keychain.

The breathalyser device is activated with a quick puff that will instantly let the user know whether s/he is still within legal limits to drive.

“From the first day the team got together to take part in this year’s JAYE programme, we knew we wanted to come up with something that was of use to society. Our initial thoughts veered towards the environment but then we decided we wanted a product that offered immediate results,” Andrea Galea, the team’s marketing director, said.


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