Drugs and driving – are they compatible?

April 22, 2021

Driving after using cannabis should remain a criminal offence

The recent White Paper ‘Towards the strength­ening of the legal framework on the responsible use of cannabis’ has already triggered several debates in the media. As a representative trade body for insurers, the Malta Insurance Association’s role (MIA) is not to take a position on this issue but, on the other hand, the MIA is very concerned about the consequences of what is deemed to be a lack of preparedness and of systems for when such a massive change in the law regulating drug use takes place.

While the White Paper makes a very clear statement about the “prohibition of cannabis consumption in public”, it surprisingly makes no reference whatsoever to driving under the influence. Article 15A of the Traffic...


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As reported on the Times of Malta on April 22, 2021 by Mr Adrian J Galea, Director General, Malta Insurance Association