How many more road deaths can we tolerate?

‘Raising fines again would act as a deterrent, as would a points system’

As the number of fatal road accidents rises, Sarah Carabott asked the experts about the causes and the ways that driving could be made safer.

Three ingredients for safer roads: enforcement, fines, points system

Malta should step up enforcement, increase traffic fines and introduce a point system that would force drivers into retaking their driving test, according to the executive manager of the Malta Road Safety Council, Pierre Vella.

“Drivers have become more reckless and less respectful of other road users,” he told this newspaper.

The council, which he manages, is made up of a team of “hands-on people” hailing from Mater Dei’s Casualty Department, the Traffic Police Section, the Education Department, driving schools, the Commission for the Rights of People with a Disability, the Blood Donation unit and cyclists and motorsports representatives among others…..

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