Insurers allowing more time for storm damage claims Malta faced the worst storm since 1982

Malta faced the worst storm since 1982

Insurers are still collecting data on the damage caused by the massive storm at the end of last month, Times of Malta has learnt.

Dubbed the worst since 1982, the storm that battered the islands during the last weekend of February caused damage everywhere, so much so that insurers are still grappling with claims.

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In comments to the Times of Malta, insurers’ association head Adrian Galea said that it was still “too early” to establish the amount that would be claimed adding that the data is yet to be received.

While insurers also had to establish what the claims would be, Mr Galea said that he expected the majority to be related to buildings and their contents, building sites and vehicles. He again insisted it was still “early days” and he could not yet say ……

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As reported on the Times of Malta on Saturday, March 9, 2019

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